“Linford Crispy, Athlete” Cartoon


Dave and Iggy At 60 Cartoon

Fortifayed with Vitamins and Iron

He may have once owned the most famous shop in Britain, but former Harrods boss Mohamed Al-Fayed’s greatest ambition is to launch his own breakfast cereal.

A source unconnected to the ex House of Frasier proprietor told this site that they believe the Fulham FC Chairman to eat “between six and seven buckets of cereal, at least, for every meal of the day. I bet he’s completely bonkers about breakfast, mad about malt and absolutely wild about wheat! ”

The grass continued, “in my mind, everything that the tunnel based conspiracy theorist has achieved in his life thus far is meaningless to him. I reckon that the Egyptian captain of industry will rest only once he has his own crunchy snack in every cupboard in Britain.”

And the name of this crack of dawn delight? “Easy”, snapped our informant. “I’ll bet my mortgage that the Ritz owner will dub his early morning grub ‘Al’s Chunky Coco Balls’.


Gary Ramps, Business Correspondent


Poem – Moth’s Holiday

Vicious and Powerful Poem

I Hope to Put This to Music and Perform it in a Squat


Moth’s Holiday

A doors bangs in the night by way of hinges on frame


Who is that in the parlour?

We can but jut out callously by the fire place

With cut knobs.

Now dashed by the rain and wind

We think about the spider that eats our earth

As we crease our way sobbing to

Circuses lit up like frothing pies

The moth contemplates not.

He is on holiday,

In the barn where we fucked a dog

Urban Photography


What makes us tick? People and Places.

Metal Sun Snake

We are all buses/ Have You Seen My Dog?

tHE cITY. All work no play?

Do we pass life by too fast? (Exhale)

Coronation Meat

Multicultural Britain


A collage of all my best friends! To make it bigger, simply click (it).

Mike Hunt #2

Mike Hunt the Selfish Cunt

Episode 2 – Life’s Like Tracy Beaker’s Orphanage – Shit

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